GTA V:Heists coming March 10th

Rockstar Games just confirmed the release date for GTA V Online Heists. M.I.A. since they were promised to be available following the GTA Online debut, we are finally going to be able to pull of some serious scores. Online Heists will be available March 10th and add vehicles, weapons and a slew of “multi-part raids and robberies”. Also confirmed is the PC version release date which is April 14th. Head over to Rockstar Games Newswire for updates and more info.

Via – Rockstar Games Newswire


Holy Shit! I Want This Power Rangers Movie

Completely Fan-derived, Adi Shankar’s interpretation of Saban’s Power Rangers is violent, with people getting shot in the face, Rangers being assassinated, James “Fucking” Van Der Beek with robot leg… and thats in the SFW Youtube version. Click the links below to experience it for yourself. Saban… please take notes!

via – io9

Source – Adi Shankar on Vimeo


The 00Lounge Podcast #1

We have a podcast now! If there is anything we have ever felt passionate about, it’s games. The podcast allows us to express our opinions and analysis on everything from new releases, past-gen classics and most wanted game concepts to business decisions of console and game makers as well as reactions to the latest game-related or real world news. Listen and let us know what you think.