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Halo 5 Guardians: A Tale of Two Spartans

As Microsoft and 343 have started their media campaign and announcing a 10.27.15 release date for the next installment of Halo, two trailers were released to highlight Master Chiefs latest conflict as he is hunted by an ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence) Agent for crimes yet to be specified. The two trailers, The Cost and All Hail seem to point to the possibility that there may be a split in the story (a la Halo 2) and that depending on certain choices you will make, will affect the outcome of Chief’s survival. Head on over to the Hunt for the truth Tumblr for more information.

via – HunttheTruth.tumblr and Xbox on YouTube


Sony’s Project Morpheus Set For 2016 Release

Speaking at a GDC 2015, Sony Computer Entertainment updated attendees on the progress VR platform for Playstation 4, Codennamed: Project Morpheus. Sony revealed that in effort to bring Morpheus closer to being a reality, Sony announced that Morpheus will be release early 2016. They also mentioned some new improvements to the prototype the unveiled just last year. Among the changes are the addition of a 5.7″ 1080P OLED screen, 120Hz refresh rate, reduced latency, three additional LEDs for better tracking and a visible tweak to the overall design improving user experience. The post on PlayStation Blog notes more info will be shared at E3 and other events later this year.

Via – PlayStation Blog

Video – PlayStation YouTube Channel