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Halo or COD – The Verdict Is In

We at 00Lounge constantly debate whether Halo or COD [fill in the blank] is the superior FPS. We now have an answer in the form of the Halo Vs COD video from RackaRacka. The verdict is in and its: LMFAO!!!! Enjoy!

Via – Kotaku

Source – RackaRacka YouTube

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Sony’s Playstation E3 2015 Press Event Announced, Live In Theaters

This week, Sony confirmed for the public the date and time for it E3 Event. On Monday, June 15 at 9PM EST (6PM PST), Playstation will show us what we’ll hopefully be buying in the near future (No Man’s Sky in 2015, please).  PlayStation E3 Experience is also back this year. Like the last years experiense , attendees will be able to see a live viewing of Playstation’s Press Event, from theaters around the US and Canada. Tickets are free; signup begins May 27th at 12pm EST (9am PST) through playstation.com/e3experience.

via – PlayStation Blog

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The Fjords – All In

I have a lot of questions about how the kid in this video and what pushed him to where we find him in the beginning of this video. What stood out immediately was the nostalgia trip of 80’s pop culture with the payoff being the NES and Zapper backpack weapon this kid fashions. Shit gets real at 2:01 mark but my gawd was this was awesome with an eerily appropriate music. Salutes to The Fjords and all involved. I’m a fan.

Production: Helmet Film & Visual Effects
Director: Line Klungseth Johansen, Øystein Moe
Writer: Øystein Moe
Producer: Line Klungseth Johansen
Original Music: The Fjords
Sound: Ambolt Audio
VFX: Sondre Nymoen, Alexander Somma
Edit: Hallvard Ulsund

Via – Kotaku

Source – The Fjords Vevo

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Nintendo Lays Down E3 Murda’ Game

Nintendo is bringing Fun back to video games, E3 more specifically. Nintendo’s Digital Event is set to air June 16 at 9 a.m. PT (12PM EST). In addition to all the Nintendo nostalgia blast from my childhood, the highlight was at the 1:43 minute mark where Nintendo of America President and COO employs a controversial yet time-tested Power Pad technique. I’ll let you see it for yourselves.

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Oculus Rift is Coming in 2016

VR headsets – The last step toward Holodecks are coming. Sony, Valve and Oculus all have some type of VR plans in development, but we just got word of when the Facebook subsidiary, Oculus VR with release this much anticipated platform early 2016. Oculus is positioning their headset as a platform for “transform gaming, film, entertainment, communication, and much more”.

We just want to see what games this thing will support.

via Oculus VR Blog