Nintendo Switch

Property of Nintendo
Property of Nintendo

Nintendo has take the wraps of its newest console, the “Nintendo Switch” (Codenamed Nintendo NX). Leaks and rumors have, for months, described the console as a screen with detachable controllers that connects to a cradle, when not mobile. And thats pretty much what we saw in the reveal trailer hit the internet today. 

Portable Console

The new console consists of three elements, The Nintendo Switch portable console, the Nintendo Dock and the Joy-Con controllers. When at home, you slip your Switch console into the Dock for a big screen console experience. You would then slide the Joy-Con Controllers off of the console and use it with the Joy-Con Grip accessory or an optional Pro version. 


Zelda made the cut in the reveal trailer, as did a Mario Kart game, Skyrim (oddly) and a new Mario game, for which I would buy a Switch simply of the strength of that game alone. In their Press Release, Nintendo gave a nod to some of the developers that are supporting the new console. Third-Party support is something lacking with the last four Nintendo consoles and is a really good sign that Nintendo making changes that with benefit their diehard  fans as well as add to their ranks. 

When Can I Buy One?

The Nintendo Switch will be release March 2017. This is a good time for Console hardware.