A secret society of gamers. 


00Lounge is a website dedicated to the love of every aspect of video games. From software and hardware to trends and industry analytics, we discuss, dissect and deliberate, seeking to gain a greater understanding the underlying reasons of why this medium is so great. 

Who are we

In the beginning, there was GoldenEye 64. And from the ashes of Egyptian, ignited by the detonation of a proximity mine cleverly hidden under the Body Armor, 00Lounge rose from the fire. We were gamers before then, but as couch-coop gave way to LAN and LAN ceding to Party Chat, we remain. We are 00Lounge.  


Our plan is three fold:

  1. Create content that shows an appreciation for video games culture. Influenced and accented by our different styles and interests with NYC serving as our base of operations.
  2. Infiltrate every aspect of the video games industry by making friends and building relationship that bring us closer to the medium we love. 
  3. Recruit like-minds, that like us, wish to share, play and enjoy video games experiences as the medium continues on its journey. 

Want to send us something, partner, support our efforts?

Contact Us: the00lounge@gmail.com