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Black Ops III “Ember” Teaser

BLOPS III’s latest teaser gives us a look at where the series is headed as far as conflict. If I had to guess, the proliferation of “modified” humans and the resulting paranoia and social strife will cause some tragically affected individual to take up arms against the normal humans. Or an authritarian United States will unleash the mind controlled enhanced soldiers upon freedom loving citizens. Whatever it is, I just want to camp and shoot my noob-tube into a chokepoint.


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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser #2

As part of the Star Wars Celebration Anaheim  Event last week, Lucasfilms (Disney) release a second teaser which dominated the internet and caused many nerd tears.

Click the link for an accurate depiction of how the entire internet reacted:

Every Nerds reaction to the new Star Wars Trailer……….

True story…

Via – YouTube

Source – starwars.com

Reaction Source – Josh Peck’s Vine


The Combat Jack Show

Having come across a link on Missinfo.tv, asking the question of whether Memphis Bleek was the Jay Z’s then perhaps “The World’s Greatest Weed Carrier”. After just one episode, TheCombatJackShow became my number one go to podcast. With interviews from hip hop legends like Dame Dash, Russell Simmons, to NYC nightlife icon Jessica Rosenbloom and tech pioneer Anil Dash. This is hip hop, cultural and technological history, happening in realtime, executed with a level of sophistication and raw emotion (Pause Game included) I have yet to see in any medium; equal or otherwise.