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The Fjords – All In

I have a lot of questions about how the kid in this video and what pushed him to where we find him in the beginning of this video. What stood out immediately was the nostalgia trip of 80’s pop culture with the payoff being the NES and Zapper backpack weapon this kid fashions. Shit gets real at 2:01 mark but my gawd was this was awesome with an eerily appropriate music. Salutes to The Fjords and all involved. I’m a fan.

Production: Helmet Film & Visual Effects
Director: Line Klungseth Johansen, Øystein Moe
Writer: Øystein Moe
Producer: Line Klungseth Johansen
Original Music: The Fjords
Sound: Ambolt Audio
VFX: Sondre Nymoen, Alexander Somma
Edit: Hallvard Ulsund

Via – Kotaku

Source – The Fjords Vevo