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Halo 5 Guardians: A Tale of Two Spartans

As Microsoft and 343 have started their media campaign and announcing a 10.27.15 release date for the next installment of Halo, two trailers were released to highlight Master Chiefs latest conflict as he is hunted by an ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence) Agent for crimes yet to be specified. The two trailers, The Cost and All Hail seem to point to the possibility that there may be a split in the story (a la Halo 2) and that depending on certain choices you will make, will affect the outcome of Chief’s survival. Head on over to the Hunt for the truth Tumblr for more information.

via – HunttheTruth.tumblr and Xbox on YouTube


The 00Lounge Podcast #1

We have a podcast now! If there is anything we have ever felt passionate about, it’s games. The podcast allows us to express our opinions and analysis on everything from new releases, past-gen classics and most wanted game concepts to business decisions of console and game makers as well as reactions to the latest game-related or real world news. Listen and let us know what you think.


Next-Gen Impression (so far)


Malik on Xbox One: It’s been a though first few months for Xbox One. While the lineup has been comparable to PS4’s, the platform feels like games were not at the forefront when Microsoft started designing X1. Its great if you’er looking for all media to be at the center of your living room, but with this approach, gamers, especially the hardcore players, suffered. Titanfall was a great addition to X1’s offerings and with Phil Spencer taking the helm at Xbox, will hopefully refocus them on what got them there in the first place. I’m hopefull.

Angelo on PS4: Honestly, I’m loving it. Warframe is great. Ps4 is on track to some great things especially with things like Project Morpheus, which is  where I believe next-gen truly is. Sure, right now there aren’t a lot of compelling titles but that’s to be expected just five months after launch, but the way i see it, with the PS3, Sony went from being trash to getting back on track and actually supporting the last generation the way it should have been, with great titles and bring many eastern games west, which I personally love.