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@Xbox #E3 2015 Reactions

Now that the Hype Train that is #E3 2015 has ended. Here are our noted highlights of the @xbox #E3 2015 Press Event. Check out our post show thoughts on Episode 9 of The 00Lounge Podcast.

The 00Lounge Podcast Episode 9:


Xbox One Backwards Compatability

Xbox One Elite Controller

The New Xbox Experience

Xbox One 1TB Console Unboxing




Halo 5 Guardians Campagin Trailer (343 Industries)

Halo 5 Guardian Warzone Reveal

Recore – Xbox One Exclusive



Cuphead Trailer (Studio MDHR)

Sea of Theives Trailer (Rare)



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Halo or COD – The Verdict Is In

We at 00Lounge constantly debate whether Halo or COD [fill in the blank] is the superior FPS. We now have an answer in the form of the Halo Vs COD video from RackaRacka. The verdict is in and its: LMFAO!!!! Enjoy!

Via – Kotaku

Source – RackaRacka YouTube


Next-Gen Impression (so far)


Malik on Xbox One: It’s been a though first few months for Xbox One. While the lineup has been comparable to PS4’s, the platform feels like games were not at the forefront when Microsoft started designing X1. Its great if you’er looking for all media to be at the center of your living room, but with this approach, gamers, especially the hardcore players, suffered. Titanfall was a great addition to X1’s offerings and with Phil Spencer taking the helm at Xbox, will hopefully refocus them on what got them there in the first place. I’m hopefull.

Angelo on PS4: Honestly, I’m loving it. Warframe is great. Ps4 is on track to some great things especially with things like Project Morpheus, which is  where I believe next-gen truly is. Sure, right now there aren’t a lot of compelling titles but that’s to be expected just five months after launch, but the way i see it, with the PS3, Sony went from being trash to getting back on track and actually supporting the last generation the way it should have been, with great titles and bring many eastern games west, which I personally love.