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Halo or COD – The Verdict Is In

We at 00Lounge constantly debate whether Halo or COD [fill in the blank] is the superior FPS. We now have an answer in the form of the Halo Vs COD video from RackaRacka. The verdict is in and its: LMFAO!!!! Enjoy!

Via – Kotaku

Source – RackaRacka YouTube

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser #2

As part of the Star Wars Celebration Anaheim  Event last week, Lucasfilms (Disney) release a second teaser which dominated the internet and caused many nerd tears.

Click the link for an accurate depiction of how the entire internet reacted:

Every Nerds reaction to the new Star Wars Trailer……….

True story…

Via – YouTube

Source – starwars.com

Reaction Source – Josh Peck’s Vine